34. Fun in the Lab

Adam is in the Scientist career, which is probably the best of the active careers (though I don’t think I’ve literally ever played the law enforcement career). He spends a lot of his days inventing and analyzing materials, and today we witness his inventing firsthand.

He chats with the robot, of course, since it’s only polite. This little guy works hard to make his dreams come true. He thanks the Invention Constructor for its hard work before going off to test what they’ve wrought.

He runs into a coworker immediately. He tells him he has an experiment he needs to try, and his co-worker happily stands up to assist.

Adam pulls out the Sim Ray. His co-worker balks immediately, knowing what’s going to follow. But Adam has to finish all his tasks for his work day. Before he can run away, Adam releases the newest modification he’s made to the Sim Ray.

The freeze ray! ICE   to meet you!

That mean streak kicks in as he laughs in the face of his coworker. But the ethical side of him takes over, and he decides it’s only fair if he’s also the one to break him out.

Hopefully his coworker survives this one.


33. Saturday Afternoon

The scientist career doesn’t leave Adam a lot of extra time. He spends his mornings building his logic skill and his evenings socializing, but he’s got that handiness skill to get to level 10. The woodworking station gives a little boost to his perfectionist qualities too, so I have him making furniture to sell again.

He also crafted a plant box. He’s building his gardening skill thanks to his job, so I go ahead and have him plant some things at home. He doesn’t have a lot of space to have a full garden, but one rose bush should spruce the place up.

Part of his aspiration also involves reading a book, so he heads over to the library.

Adam’s enjoying a a fantasy novel when he sees a familiar face. Raquel makes a beeline for him.

Raquel’s pretty sweet natured. She starts with some friendly conversation. He decides to break out smooth Adam. Let’s see if we can’t get this romance going.

She’s flirty, at least. They discuss how smart they are, and their love of chemistry. Raquel is a doctor (or will be one day), and they both have active careers they go to every day. They’ll both save the world one day, probably.

He gives Raquel his phone number.

And she’s enthusiastic to receive it. It leaves Adam confident. All he has to do now is plan a date.

32. Next Step

Adam isn’t the only one who’s life is changing.

Lots of things are the same for Roman. He’s still living int his big house that he bought with his wife, which is now empty except for him. Sometimes he gets so sad, thinking about all the plans he and Irene had together, but he fills up that emptiness with other things.

He’s been hosting club meetings in the house, which is a great boost to his writing career, but also a fantastic way to keep his friends close. He tries to meet with them often so he doesn’t have time to feel lonely.

Some days it’s still hard. He never could bring himself to dispose of Irene’s ashes, even after all this time. She has a place in what used to be Rosemary’s room. Lonely days are still apart of Roman’s life, and he struggles to work through them.

But some things are easier.

He’s keeping up with his physique despite growing out a little as an adult. He’s still a vain sim, and he has someone to look good for.

Things are going extremely well with Payton, and he’s ready for things to get serious. There’s one hurdle he still has to jump, however.

Adam is no longer a mean spirited boy, but he’s never really warmed up to the idea of his dad being in a new relationship. Roman wants him to be open to it, and he’s finally forced his son into a dinner between the three of them. Neutral territory, he decides, in a seafood restaurant, where there’s not so much nostalgia in the way.

It’s Payton’s first time meeting Adam. Roman’s kept her out of the house so long as his son was living there, and since moving out they haven’t gotten together. It’s easy to feel intimidated at this table, as the two men chat like old friends, sharing stories and secrets she still hasn’t pried out of Roman. But she’s gracious and friendly, and she never shows a tremor of nervousness.

It helps that Roman is there. The two really only have eyes for each other. They’re in love, and nothing is going to stop that.

Payton sneaks away to the bathroom, giving both of them a chance to talk. Roman decides to be blunt with his son.

“It’s going well, isn’t it?” he asks.

Adam admits he can’t find a fault here. “She’s great, Dad. Definitely your speed.”

It’s nearly a compliment. Compliment-adjacent. Roman takes victories where he can.

Payton returns to finish her meal, and she chats with Adam.

“You’re a scientist, right?” she asks. “You know where they’re keeping the aliens.”

Adam resists the urge to poke fun at her and instead smiles. “No, but we’re developing some really cool stuff in the lab. Aliens are occasionally involved.”

She looks at Roman. “What did I say?”

He laughs. “I guess you win this one. Aliens are real.”

“It’s really not that exciting,” Adam says. “Mostly taking samples and building stuff.”

“It’s still pretty incredible,” Payton says. “I work with codes and numbers, but you’re doing the actual building.”

“I’m enjoying it a lot.” He gives his dad a smile. “Maybe I can bring you guys something to play with soon.”

Roman pays the bill before it gets too late, and they say goodnight to Adam. Roman’s proud of his boy and happy that tonight went so well.

He kisses Payton goodnight as he heads inside the old house. A lot of things are the same, but he’s planning a big change soon.

31. A Day in the Life

I haven’t updated this since February! Holy heck! I was working on some other projects and then summer hit me like a truck, but I want to get back on this train. If you’d like to see some of what I’ve been working on, check out Dabney Diaries, which is updating Monday through Friday through August. I do actually have a narrative I’d love to get to. Chapters may trickle out, but I’m gonna do my best to keep them consistent.

Adam’s on his own now. There’s lots of things he really likes about living on his own, but there’s one thing he really misses.

Adam is so used to his dad’s cooking. Now he has to make his own breakfast and dinner, and it’s never as good. He loves visiting his dad just for the homecooked meal.

He has a bit of time before going into work, which he usually uses to practice on his chess table. His word working station sits out on the balcony too, and he spends a lot of mornings carving things. It puts a few extra dollars in his pocket as well. Adam’s a perfectionist, and it works towards his handiness skill, which is great for his aspiration. And at 10:00, he goes to work.

His work day consists of finding materials, analyzing them, and building inventions. Adam gets satisfaction from finding collectibles, and he looks for inspiration in everything. He brainstorms doing nearly every task , which pops that lightbulb bar up real quick.

And while his high school friends don’t chat with him very much, he’s making great strides with work friends. His mean streak gets him in trouble sometimes, but he’s got a high enough charisma now that he can slide right past it.

Everyone in the office seems to get along really well. Adam’s used to hanging around ladies, so it’s probably nice for him to have some male friends.

It can be awkward sometimes too. He really needs to work on building friendship.

And when he gets home from work, he showers and changes back into his street clothes, which is great for me. Every time he showers or plays chess or does anything really, he brainstorms, which is exactly what I need for his job and an achievement.

And after work he calls up his high school friends. Natalie still hangs around with him, as does Kiana and Marina. It’s just like old times for this group, and the four of them rent one of the long tables and order pizza and hamburgers.

I still don’t push Adam to flirt with Natalie. He’s a free man, after all. It might be a little weird, since he dated her sister, but that was ages ago, and sims don’t really seem to care about that stuff. She stares at him longingly though, and like usual, he doesn’t seem to notice. Some things never change.

The group chats into the evening, until it’s time to head home. It’s getting late, and Adam’s happy he had time to catch up with his friends, but it’s another day tomorrow.

Good news is he lives down the street from the restaurant and can walk home. Newcrest is a nice little city to live in, and it seems like something new is added all the time. He likes his little house and his small friend group and his job and the short walk from his favorite restaurant.

He brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed. He’ll wake up in the morning and do this all again.

But, for now, it’s time sleep.

30. New Adult

Adam has had his second birthday in this game, which puts him firmly in the YA years. I gave him an adult makeover, which I think is an outfit I’ve used on a couple of adult sims I have. I just really like this sweater y’all!

Adam’s living in Newcrest, which I’ve built up with a few little houses and some necessities. He’s joined the Scientist career, and he’s a perfectionist. And I gave him a neighbor.

Which means the welcoming party has arrived.

I did make Raquel, though I do try to randomize traits with the Sims I make. She is a genius, just starting in the medical career, who should (in theory) mesh really well with Adam. She’s cute too, though she’s got sort of a casual look, when we know Adam goes for the cool kids.

Adam’s mean streak seems to have tamped down, at least. His teen years were fraught with tension, but now he’s out on his own, and that’s seemed to chill him. He makes a good first impression on Raquel.

She seems to like what she sees too.

But talking with the neighbors isn’t the only thing Adam’s up to. His social circle shrunk near the end of his teen years, so he’s looking for someone to hang around with, and it looks like the Knights of the Hedge have an opening.

It’s a little goofy, he admits, dressing up in a knight outfit just to play chess. But it boosts his logic skill, which he needs for work, and playing chess gives him plenty of time for breakthroughs.

The Von Haunt Estate is kind of spooky too, and for whatever reason, he has a passing interest in ghosts. They’re not real, of course, but he likes to read up on the history of the place and legends surrounding it.

Plus, the scenery is gorgeous.

And, despite moving out of the house on a tense note, Roman comes by to see his son.

He’s proud of his son. He’s worked hard and moved out on his own and is trying new things. He’s always worried about Adam, but distance seems to have made their relationship even stronger.

Adam is no longer angry all the time, and responsibility looks good on him. He shows off his small house to his dad, which doesn’t take much time at all. The kitchen can be viewed from the living room, but at least he has a bedroom and a toilet that doesn’t break all the time. The joys of these newly built houses.

Roman’s excited for him, and he really wants to smooth things over, now that he and his lady love are getting serious. He invites his son out to dinner with them. Meet Payton, he says. Get to know her.

Adam isn’t so sure about that, but he isn’t so angry about his dad being in a relationship anymore. He makes up some lie about his schedule being full, but they’ll try in the future.

But Adam feels good. He wants to feel good. It looks like a fresh start for the whole family.

29. Heating Up

Despite his son’s outburst, Roman hasn’t stopped seeing Payton. He’s only grown more and more attracted to her with each interaction. It’s been a while since he’s had someone to lavish his romantic affection onto.

Payton adores it as well. In the past, Roman’s taken it slow, but he doesn’t feel fear anymore when he goes out with his girlfriend. So tonight, there’s very little talking.

Maybe it’s the atmosphere of the bar, or the looks they keep giving each other, or how confident they feel when they’re together, but Roman pours out every romantic interaction he can give Payton. And, well.

It’s not like he can bring a girl home anyway, not where his son can see. So maybe it’s a little sleazy to do this in a dimly lit bar’s closet. But it’s also been a really long time for Roman.

So for the first time in a long time, Roman gets intimate with another human being.

And boy is it satisfying.

Relationship upgrade complete. Payton looks just as pleased as he is, and the two embrace one more time before heading back home. So maybe not a gold standard date, but it’s not like anyone’s complaining.

Meanwhile, at home, Adam is going through a Phase with a capital P. His breakup is still stinging, and since Fallon isn’t talking to him, Natalie isn’t either. His dad’s not home, and he goes for a walk around the neighborhood.

He runs into Marina, also a good friend who’s stuck by him all these years. Normally, she doesn’t mind his biting sense of humor, but tonight everyone’s his target, and he lashes out at her.

She looks shocked that he would say such things to her. She’s no pushover though, and she snaps back at him, telling him if he’s going to be a dick, she’s going to leave. He tries to apologize to her, but she’s already storming off. Another friend gone.

Adam finds another victim, who seems to be on her way from a fancy party, and, uh, Adam. Maybe not this one. But he’s already mocking her uncool outfit and making fun of her fang size. Again, my boy.

I think this victim might come back to bite him (ba dum tish).

Roman gets home late and he’s tired and satisfied and feeling good in ways he hasn’t in a long time. He slumps his way up the stairs and is surprised to find Adam still up.

Taking out his bad mood on other seems to have worked, and now he’s playing chess by himself. He at least manages a smile as he practices his strategy, and Roman decides it’s time to try again. He sits across from him.

Adam seems to shut down immediately as he tries to talk to him, but he’s not shouting and waving his arms. A father-son conversation might’ve done a lot of good in the earlier stages of Adam’s adolescent, but Adam’s almost grown now. It won’t be long now before he’s a young adult. A lot’s changed in this family since I first plopped them down in this house. The nuclear family exploded in ways I didn’t expect, which really is the joy of this game. But I’ve got plans for the future, boys, and achievements to get. Let’s see where tomorrow takes us.

28. No Love

Adam think things are going pretty good for him.

He’s dating the coolest girl in school, he’s hanging out with his friends every night, and he hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Unfortunately, his mean streak is rearing it’s ugly head.

He makes one comment at Fallon, and suddenly things start snowballing. He tries to backtrack, but it’s only making things worse, and now Fallon is shouting.

She asks him why he has to be this way, why he can’t just be cool. I let them go. This clearly isn’t the first time Adam’s made a mean remark that’s rubbed her the wrong way, and now they’re arguing.

He pretends not to care. Dismissing people’s moods seems the fastest way to get them angry at you, and Fallon’s already mad. She tells him if he’s so darn apathetic, he clearly doesn’t care about her, and maybe they shouldn’t be together if that’s the case. Adam quickly tries to apologize, but Fallon’s had it.

They’re done, she says. They’re broken up. Don’t talk to her again, don’t hang around. Goodbye. Forever.

Adam’s on a rampage now. He stomps back home only to find his dad has made them dinner and wants to have a conversation. He’s not in the mood.

Roman’s ready to tell his son about having a girlfriend, but he chose the wrong day for it. As soon as he tries to tell Adam about Payton, Adam flips out.

Adam’s angry about his dad keeping a secret, he’s angry about his dad moving on, and he’s angry about Fallon, and maybe he’s angry at himself. Their conversation turns into an argument pretty quick. Roman’s still trying to keep his son calm, but Adam won’t listen.

Roman tells him he’s too old to act like this. Adam immediately shuts down. He doesn’t want to listen to his dad talk about his girlfriend when he doesn’t have one anymore. He tells him he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

This isn’t how Roman pictured this conversation going. His son refuses to say any more to him. So far his fresh start isn’t going so great.