30. New Adult

Adam has had his second birthday in this game, which puts him firmly in the YA years. I gave him an adult makeover, which I think is an outfit I’ve used on a couple of adult sims I have. I just really like this sweater y’all!

Adam’s living in Newcrest, which I’ve built up with a few little houses and some necessities. He’s joined the Scientist career, and he’s a perfectionist. And I gave him a neighbor.

Which means the welcoming party has arrived.

I did make Raquel, though I do try to randomize traits with the Sims I make. She is a genius, just starting in the medical career, who should (in theory) mesh really well with Adam. She’s cute too, though she’s got sort of a casual look, when we know Adam goes for the cool kids.

Adam’s mean streak seems to have tamped down, at least. His teen years were fraught with tension, but now he’s out on his own, and that’s seemed to chill him. He makes a good first impression on Raquel.

She seems to like what she sees too.

But talking with the neighbors isn’t the only thing Adam’s up to. His social circle shrunk near the end of his teen years, so he’s looking for someone to hang around with, and it looks like the Knights of the Hedge have an opening.

It’s a little goofy, he admits, dressing up in a knight outfit just to play chess. But it boosts his logic skill, which he needs for work, and playing chess gives him plenty of time for breakthroughs.

The Von Haunt Estate is kind of spooky too, and for whatever reason, he has a passing interest in ghosts. They’re not real, of course, but he likes to read up on the history of the place and legends surrounding it.

Plus, the scenery is gorgeous.

And, despite moving out of the house on a tense note, Roman comes by to see his son.

He’s proud of his son. He’s worked hard and moved out on his own and is trying new things. He’s always worried about Adam, but distance seems to have made their relationship even stronger.

Adam is no longer angry all the time, and responsibility looks good on him. He shows off his small house to his dad, which doesn’t take much time at all. The kitchen can be viewed from the living room, but at least he has a bedroom and a toilet that doesn’t break all the time. The joys of these newly built houses.

Roman’s excited for him, and he really wants to smooth things over, now that he and his lady love are getting serious. He invites his son out to dinner with them. Meet Payton, he says. Get to know her.

Adam isn’t so sure about that, but he isn’t so angry about his dad being in a relationship anymore. He makes up some lie about his schedule being full, but they’ll try in the future.

But Adam feels good. He wants to feel good. It looks like a fresh start for the whole family.


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