27. New Love

Adam’s not the only one lucky in love.

Things are going really well for Roman and his lady, Payton. She’s a snob like he is, which is why they’re having this date at the museum. It’s their first official date, which is also adding points towards Roman’s new aspiration.

They look at some art together. Look at how happy they are to judge something. They walk around and look at some art and talk about themselves. Payton’s also good at computers, and she’s read some of his books.

They’re having a good time together. Payton enjoys Roman’s jokes and she’s happy to talk books and fashion and food. Halfway through their first date, they’re already planning their second and restaurants they’d like to try.

Roman’s excited to have someone to be romantic with again. This is the first person he’s been with where he hasn’t brought a ton of baggage along with him, and things are easy. They like the same things, they’re both funny, and Payton is sweet. He likes her a lot.

Roman almost doesn’t want the date to end as they leave the museum. They’re talking about where they want to go next, and an urge comes over Roman. He decides to go for it.

It’s not his first kiss since Irene, but it’s his first kiss that he doesn’t feel guilty about. Time has passed. New love is ready to bloom.

Payton looks happy about the whole thing. Roman’s not ready to full throttle this romance, but he is ready to commit to someone again. Plus, he’s got that soulmate aspiration burning a hole in his character UI. Let’s get some achievements.


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