26. Besties

Things are going really well with Fallon, and she and Adam hit it off really well. Despite Adam’s mean trait, they don’t seem to be running into any issues, and they spend a lot of time together.

Fallon is very cool and always trendy, but Adam’s actual best friend is her twin sister, Natalie.

The two are fairly different people and as close as can be. Natalie is closer to Adam’s personality, being smart and joining the Knights of the Hedge with him. She’s also endlessly cheerful.

She follows him home from school sometimes, without her sister, and I’m not saying Natalie has a little crush on Adam, because I don’t control her, and Adam’s never flirted with her, but she sure seems to have a little crush on Adam.

They’re laughing and not really paying attention to the movie. Most of my sims seem to hate the movie they’re watching anyway, so if these two are entertaining themselves, that’s alright. Adam only entertains himself one way though.

It takes one snide comment. Maybe he said it about her sister, maybe he said it about her. He might’ve called her mama a llama. Natalie throws her arms up to tell him to stop and immediately storms off.

Adam is alone watching a boring movie while his best friend thumps up the stairs, probably to find a computer to play on. With a sigh, he turns it off and follows after her. He catches her on the upstairs landing and starts to apologize.

“Why are you like that?” she snaps. “We’re having a really good time, and you have to get all mean.”

Adam knows he can say a million things here, from talking about his mom to blaming me for giving him the trait, but he sighs instead and says, “I don’t know.”

He begs her for forgiveness, and luckily Natalie’s in a good mood today. He asks her if she wants to keep watching the movie, but they both know it’s boring, so they chat for a while longer and reaffirm why they’re friends. Adam keeps his comments to himself from now on. He’ll have to if he wants to keep his friends.


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