25. First Date

Roman’s actually completed his Bestselling Author aspiration, so I went ahead and gave him the Soulmate aspiration (which is what Irene had). He misses being in love, but part of being in love is finding the right person.

Here’s a fun thing I like to do: when I’m having trouble finding friends or love interests for my characters (especially for teens, since they’re nearly impossible to pick out in a crowd), I make a club. I deleted it immediately after, but I went ahead and made a club for Roman to meet some single ladies and give himself a chance at love. They met at the Blue Velvet.

There are definitely some strong candidates in the crowd. He spends some time chatting with every lady, getting to know them, seeing if there was a connection. There’s little flirting at this singles meetup, but Roman’s taking his time. If he wants to find true love, he has to be patient.

He does date though. He takes Jane to Villa Bovine, and the pair of them have a nice night, but he can already tell this isn’t true love. He thanks her for the lovely evening right as she starts getting very flirtatious, but he calls it quits.

Adam is having the opposite problem. There’s one girl in his life he needs to impress, and he’s not really sure how to do that. But he calls her up and heads to the Bluffs.

Fallon isn’t really sure what’s going on. She probably would’ve preferred a nice restaurant or a coffee shop, but it’s hard to beat the views out here. She looks a little suspicious as she approaches Adam.

“I know it’s different,” he tells her as they walk around the empty ruins. “But I didn’t think you’d like an ordinary first date, you know? You probably have a hundred guys asking you out to coffee.”

She laughs at that. “A hundred guys? Adam, I’ve literally never been asked out.”

A little nervousness goes out of him. “I mean, you’re like super pretty or whatever, and way too cool to hang around me.”

She shakes her head. “You are a nerd, my dude, but I’ve never been too cool for anyone. Especially not you. Did you really ask me here on a date?”

“Well, yeah.”

Fallon steps towards him. “Way to catch me off guard. And what’s your plan here? Did you think I’d jump in that swamp water and you’d get a full shot of me in my bikini?”

His whole face goes red. “No! I just–I don’t know. The ruins are cool. And the view’s really pretty. And when the sun goes down, we can light the bonfire.”

For a second he worries she’s mad, but she reaches for his hand and brings it up. “How long until the sun goes down?”

He shrugs. “Another hour or two.”

She’s staring at him with her brown eyes expectantly, pulling his hands closer to her. It’s now or never, he tells himself, and goes for it.

It’s different dreaming about kissing a person and then actually doing it. He wonders if Fallon’s thought about it too. But he remembers that she’s never been on a date before either, and this might be her first kiss too, and he relaxes a little, bringing his arms around her waist.

And they spend their time until sunset.


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