Achievement Roundup #3

I focused a little more on story this time around, and honestly Adam won’t pop off for me until he gets going in his young adult stage, but I still managed to get a few.

In the Game Knock, Knock… Literal Genius

Half of these come from playing the game, but Roman did finish his Bestselling Author aspiration, which also pushes him towards towards two other achievements that are big ones. Baby steps, y’all. Adam joining the Scientist career will also open up the door to a number of achievements that I may be able to knock out. I keep wobbling back and forth between aging, since it’s still on Normal, and I may keep it there and just freeze aging when I need to. If only the adult stage was a little bit longer, it wouldn’t be such a pain.

And with a new expansion and packs out, I need to see what achievements I need to add! It’s possible this blog will never end and I’ll die writing it, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. I do know what big ones I’d like to go for next, but I think I’ll put my boys in a comfortable place first. See you soon!


30. New Adult

Adam has had his second birthday in this game, which puts him firmly in the YA years. I gave him an adult makeover, which I think is an outfit I’ve used on a couple of adult sims I have. I just really like this sweater y’all!

Adam’s living in Newcrest, which I’ve built up with a few little houses and some necessities. He’s joined the Scientist career, and he’s a perfectionist. And I gave him a neighbor.

Which means the welcoming party has arrived.

I did make Raquel, though I do try to randomize traits with the Sims I make. She is a genius, just starting in the medical career, who should (in theory) mesh really well with Adam. She’s cute too, though she’s got sort of a casual look, when we know Adam goes for the cool kids.

Adam’s mean streak seems to have tamped down, at least. His teen years were fraught with tension, but now he’s out on his own, and that’s seemed to chill him. He makes a good first impression on Raquel.

She seems to like what she sees too.

But talking with the neighbors isn’t the only thing Adam’s up to. His social circle shrunk near the end of his teen years, so he’s looking for someone to hang around with, and it looks like the Knights of the Hedge have an opening.

It’s a little goofy, he admits, dressing up in a knight outfit just to play chess. But it boosts his logic skill, which he needs for work, and playing chess gives him plenty of time for breakthroughs.

The Von Haunt Estate is kind of spooky too, and for whatever reason, he has a passing interest in ghosts. They’re not real, of course, but he likes to read up on the history of the place and legends surrounding it.

Plus, the scenery is gorgeous.

And, despite moving out of the house on a tense note, Roman comes by to see his son.

He’s proud of his son. He’s worked hard and moved out on his own and is trying new things. He’s always worried about Adam, but distance seems to have made their relationship even stronger.

Adam is no longer angry all the time, and responsibility looks good on him. He shows off his small house to his dad, which doesn’t take much time at all. The kitchen can be viewed from the living room, but at least he has a bedroom and a toilet that doesn’t break all the time. The joys of these newly built houses.

Roman’s excited for him, and he really wants to smooth things over, now that he and his lady love are getting serious. He invites his son out to dinner with them. Meet Payton, he says. Get to know her.

Adam isn’t so sure about that, but he isn’t so angry about his dad being in a relationship anymore. He makes up some lie about his schedule being full, but they’ll try in the future.

But Adam feels good. He wants to feel good. It looks like a fresh start for the whole family.

29. Heating Up

Despite his son’s outburst, Roman hasn’t stopped seeing Payton. He’s only grown more and more attracted to her with each interaction. It’s been a while since he’s had someone to lavish his romantic affection onto.

Payton adores it as well. In the past, Roman’s taken it slow, but he doesn’t feel fear anymore when he goes out with his girlfriend. So tonight, there’s very little talking.

Maybe it’s the atmosphere of the bar, or the looks they keep giving each other, or how confident they feel when they’re together, but Roman pours out every romantic interaction he can give Payton. And, well.

It’s not like he can bring a girl home anyway, not where his son can see. So maybe it’s a little sleazy to do this in a dimly lit bar’s closet. But it’s also been a really long time for Roman.

So for the first time in a long time, Roman gets intimate with another human being.

And boy is it satisfying.

Relationship upgrade complete. Payton looks just as pleased as he is, and the two embrace one more time before heading back home. So maybe not a gold standard date, but it’s not like anyone’s complaining.

Meanwhile, at home, Adam is going through a Phase with a capital P. His breakup is still stinging, and since Fallon isn’t talking to him, Natalie isn’t either. His dad’s not home, and he goes for a walk around the neighborhood.

He runs into Marina, also a good friend who’s stuck by him all these years. Normally, she doesn’t mind his biting sense of humor, but tonight everyone’s his target, and he lashes out at her.

She looks shocked that he would say such things to her. She’s no pushover though, and she snaps back at him, telling him if he’s going to be a dick, she’s going to leave. He tries to apologize to her, but she’s already storming off. Another friend gone.

Adam finds another victim, who seems to be on her way from a fancy party, and, uh, Adam. Maybe not this one. But he’s already mocking her uncool outfit and making fun of her fang size. Again, my boy.

I think this victim might come back to bite him (ba dum tish).

Roman gets home late and he’s tired and satisfied and feeling good in ways he hasn’t in a long time. He slumps his way up the stairs and is surprised to find Adam still up.

Taking out his bad mood on other seems to have worked, and now he’s playing chess by himself. He at least manages a smile as he practices his strategy, and Roman decides it’s time to try again. He sits across from him.

Adam seems to shut down immediately as he tries to talk to him, but he’s not shouting and waving his arms. A father-son conversation might’ve done a lot of good in the earlier stages of Adam’s adolescent, but Adam’s almost grown now. It won’t be long now before he’s a young adult. A lot’s changed in this family since I first plopped them down in this house. The nuclear family exploded in ways I didn’t expect, which really is the joy of this game. But I’ve got plans for the future, boys, and achievements to get. Let’s see where tomorrow takes us.

28. No Love

Adam think things are going pretty good for him.

He’s dating the coolest girl in school, he’s hanging out with his friends every night, and he hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Unfortunately, his mean streak is rearing it’s ugly head.

He makes one comment at Fallon, and suddenly things start snowballing. He tries to backtrack, but it’s only making things worse, and now Fallon is shouting.

She asks him why he has to be this way, why he can’t just be cool. I let them go. This clearly isn’t the first time Adam’s made a mean remark that’s rubbed her the wrong way, and now they’re arguing.

He pretends not to care. Dismissing people’s moods seems the fastest way to get them angry at you, and Fallon’s already mad. She tells him if he’s so darn apathetic, he clearly doesn’t care about her, and maybe they shouldn’t be together if that’s the case. Adam quickly tries to apologize, but Fallon’s had it.

They’re done, she says. They’re broken up. Don’t talk to her again, don’t hang around. Goodbye. Forever.

Adam’s on a rampage now. He stomps back home only to find his dad has made them dinner and wants to have a conversation. He’s not in the mood.

Roman’s ready to tell his son about having a girlfriend, but he chose the wrong day for it. As soon as he tries to tell Adam about Payton, Adam flips out.

Adam’s angry about his dad keeping a secret, he’s angry about his dad moving on, and he’s angry about Fallon, and maybe he’s angry at himself. Their conversation turns into an argument pretty quick. Roman’s still trying to keep his son calm, but Adam won’t listen.

Roman tells him he’s too old to act like this. Adam immediately shuts down. He doesn’t want to listen to his dad talk about his girlfriend when he doesn’t have one anymore. He tells him he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

This isn’t how Roman pictured this conversation going. His son refuses to say any more to him. So far his fresh start isn’t going so great.

27. New Love

Adam’s not the only one lucky in love.

Things are going really well for Roman and his lady, Payton. She’s a snob like he is, which is why they’re having this date at the museum. It’s their first official date, which is also adding points towards Roman’s new aspiration.

They look at some art together. Look at how happy they are to judge something. They walk around and look at some art and talk about themselves. Payton’s also good at computers, and she’s read some of his books.

They’re having a good time together. Payton enjoys Roman’s jokes and she’s happy to talk books and fashion and food. Halfway through their first date, they’re already planning their second and restaurants they’d like to try.

Roman’s excited to have someone to be romantic with again. This is the first person he’s been with where he hasn’t brought a ton of baggage along with him, and things are easy. They like the same things, they’re both funny, and Payton is sweet. He likes her a lot.

Roman almost doesn’t want the date to end as they leave the museum. They’re talking about where they want to go next, and an urge comes over Roman. He decides to go for it.

It’s not his first kiss since Irene, but it’s his first kiss that he doesn’t feel guilty about. Time has passed. New love is ready to bloom.

Payton looks happy about the whole thing. Roman’s not ready to full throttle this romance, but he is ready to commit to someone again. Plus, he’s got that soulmate aspiration burning a hole in his character UI. Let’s get some achievements.

26. Besties

Things are going really well with Fallon, and she and Adam hit it off really well. Despite Adam’s mean trait, they don’t seem to be running into any issues, and they spend a lot of time together.

Fallon is very cool and always trendy, but Adam’s actual best friend is her twin sister, Natalie.

The two are fairly different people and as close as can be. Natalie is closer to Adam’s personality, being smart and joining the Knights of the Hedge with him. She’s also endlessly cheerful.

She follows him home from school sometimes, without her sister, and I’m not saying Natalie has a little crush on Adam, because I don’t control her, and Adam’s never flirted with her, but she sure seems to have a little crush on Adam.

They’re laughing and not really paying attention to the movie. Most of my sims seem to hate the movie they’re watching anyway, so if these two are entertaining themselves, that’s alright. Adam only entertains himself one way though.

It takes one snide comment. Maybe he said it about her sister, maybe he said it about her. He might’ve called her mama a llama. Natalie throws her arms up to tell him to stop and immediately storms off.

Adam is alone watching a boring movie while his best friend thumps up the stairs, probably to find a computer to play on. With a sigh, he turns it off and follows after her. He catches her on the upstairs landing and starts to apologize.

“Why are you like that?” she snaps. “We’re having a really good time, and you have to get all mean.”

Adam knows he can say a million things here, from talking about his mom to blaming me for giving him the trait, but he sighs instead and says, “I don’t know.”

He begs her for forgiveness, and luckily Natalie’s in a good mood today. He asks her if she wants to keep watching the movie, but they both know it’s boring, so they chat for a while longer and reaffirm why they’re friends. Adam keeps his comments to himself from now on. He’ll have to if he wants to keep his friends.

25. First Date

Roman’s actually completed his Bestselling Author aspiration, so I went ahead and gave him the Soulmate aspiration (which is what Irene had). He misses being in love, but part of being in love is finding the right person.

Here’s a fun thing I like to do: when I’m having trouble finding friends or love interests for my characters (especially for teens, since they’re nearly impossible to pick out in a crowd), I make a club. I deleted it immediately after, but I went ahead and made a club for Roman to meet some single ladies and give himself a chance at love. They met at the Blue Velvet.

There are definitely some strong candidates in the crowd. He spends some time chatting with every lady, getting to know them, seeing if there was a connection. There’s little flirting at this singles meetup, but Roman’s taking his time. If he wants to find true love, he has to be patient.

He does date though. He takes Jane to Villa Bovine, and the pair of them have a nice night, but he can already tell this isn’t true love. He thanks her for the lovely evening right as she starts getting very flirtatious, but he calls it quits.

Adam is having the opposite problem. There’s one girl in his life he needs to impress, and he’s not really sure how to do that. But he calls her up and heads to the Bluffs.

Fallon isn’t really sure what’s going on. She probably would’ve preferred a nice restaurant or a coffee shop, but it’s hard to beat the views out here. She looks a little suspicious as she approaches Adam.

“I know it’s different,” he tells her as they walk around the empty ruins. “But I didn’t think you’d like an ordinary first date, you know? You probably have a hundred guys asking you out to coffee.”

She laughs at that. “A hundred guys? Adam, I’ve literally never been asked out.”

A little nervousness goes out of him. “I mean, you’re like super pretty or whatever, and way too cool to hang around me.”

She shakes her head. “You are a nerd, my dude, but I’ve never been too cool for anyone. Especially not you. Did you really ask me here on a date?”

“Well, yeah.”

Fallon steps towards him. “Way to catch me off guard. And what’s your plan here? Did you think I’d jump in that swamp water and you’d get a full shot of me in my bikini?”

His whole face goes red. “No! I just–I don’t know. The ruins are cool. And the view’s really pretty. And when the sun goes down, we can light the bonfire.”

For a second he worries she’s mad, but she reaches for his hand and brings it up. “How long until the sun goes down?”

He shrugs. “Another hour or two.”

She’s staring at him with her brown eyes expectantly, pulling his hands closer to her. It’s now or never, he tells himself, and goes for it.

It’s different dreaming about kissing a person and then actually doing it. He wonders if Fallon’s thought about it too. But he remembers that she’s never been on a date before either, and this might be her first kiss too, and he relaxes a little, bringing his arms around her waist.

And they spend their time until sunset.