4. Phases

It’s a rough day for Roman.

He was typing away on his next novel when the computer went kaput.

He’s put no effort into the handiness skill, and he does not plan to. It’s cheaper to hire a repairman than replace a computer, so he decides to sit around and read some book. With the computer broken, and everyone home, they decide to head over to the library.

Roman immediately grabs a book to read and somehow picks up one of the Encyclopedia Vampirica. They do keep knocking on the door, but so far they’ve disappeared after politely asking them to leave. Maybe he’s getting prepared.

Having one computer in the house puts a little bit of strain on Irene, since Roman spends all his extra time writing, and she has columns she needs to write and a writing skill she has to pump up, but the library’s a good place for everyone in the family. You’ll notice Ulrike Faust in the background breaking computers, which is mostly Rosemary’s fault.

Rosemary invited the Renegades to hang out with her. I was hoping to push Max closer to a BFF rating for Rosemary’s aspiration, but he was angry when he rolled up and started being mean to her. I tried to calm him down, but he wasn’t having it, so she storms into the library to cause mischief of her own.

She ignores everyone that’s hanging out there and marches up to the first schmuck she sees.

I don’t know what she says to this poor man, but he looks terrified.

After terrifying the populace, she stomps over to her parents and has a tantrum right then and there. Irene is clearly annoyed, and decides that’s the end of hanging out at the library.

Irene is not happy to deal with her angry child and nurses a headache as they get home. AND THEN

Rosemary lets out a string of forbidden words.

Irene is shocked.

And she loses it on Rosemary, yelling at her never to talk like that again. Irene does not yet have the power to ground anyone, but she does send her to her room.

Rosemary storms upstairs, still upset, and slams the door behind her as she sits down at her desk to write.

She shouts some more curse words as she jots down her feelings, but at least her parents can’t hear.

3. Date Night

Roman is romantic, and Irene needs to get some dates in, so the two take the night off from their (not very good) parenting to share a meal together. I placed Villa Bovine in the Magnolia Promenade so they could walk around afterward.

The date starts off well. Roman puts on the moves.

Even when annoyed at her husband, Irene responds positively to his advances. Maybe a day away from the kids is all they needed.

Roman is, of course, a snob, and he pours over the menu to see what looks best. He orders for both of them, and gets them both the most expensive wine on the menu.

Irene gazes at him lovingly as he explains why he chose the best wine and what makes it that way. She seems oblivious to the words that are actually coming out of his mouth. Roman doesn’t seem to notice.

He’s so dang enamored with himself too.

But the two share a good conversation as they wait for their food. The two of them got married right after high school thanks to a little surprise they’d eventually name Rosemary, and sometimes Irene wishes she could catch up on all the joys of dating they missed. Romantic meals together, long walks spent holding hands, nights not spent changing diapers. She enjoys the alone time they have.

Food is served! Roman also got the most expensive item on the menu, the lobster. He swirls his wine before drinking it.

Irene tries to enthuse about the flavors, and Roman smiles and nods. Eventually Irene will have to choose between being a food critic or an art critic, though I’m leaning towards art critic. Still, she might as well learn the lingo while she’s thinking about it.

They share a good meal, good conversation, and a good time. It’s been a minute for the happy couple since they’ve had this time to themselves to open up. Their friendly meters are both only halfway, which also adds to my supposition that they got married quickly and without much thought. They do look lovely in their matching outfits. Green really is their color.

After their meal is paid for, they walk down Magnolia Promenade. I don’t spend a lot of time here in other plays, but it’s a lovely neighborhood.

The colors are romantic, and it has a kind of boardwalk vibe I like. Roman and Irene avoid the more public stores to be alone together. It’s been so long since they were alone together.

They makeout in front of the canal. It’s a shame there are no bushes around here they can hop into really quick.

Rosemary, meanwhile, has come home to an empty house, sad from her day of school, desperate for attention. With no parents around, she calls her future BFF.

Max arrives quickly. She considers calling the entire Renegades, but her parents might get mad that she invited all these older kids over while they were out. Max is nice enough, and it’ll give the two of them time to bond.

Max walks up angry, but as soon as he and Rosemary start talking, it drains away, as does her sadness. The two of them are now good friends, and more importantly, they make a pact together.

Rosemary asks if he’ll be her partner in crime.

Max says yes.

This friendship is going great so far.

2. New Friends

Roman wakes up in the morning and starts on breakfast. Irene left early for work, but Rosemary still has school.

The morning found him in a bad mood, and he’s still only started on his cooking skill, so he struggles a little to peel the egg out of the pan. He gets it on a plate as Rosemary comes down, still in her pjs.

Rosemary’s cheery face contrasts nicely with Roman’s pout.

She’s made a little gloomier as he complains about breakfast, but Rosemary isn’t the kind to keep a sad face.

She tries to cheer her father up before running off to school.

With the house empty, Roman reminds himself to feed Adam. He sets down a bowl of cereal and heads upstairs to change clothes.

He’s focused on starting his novel. Or, he would, if he could write a novel, but practicing with children’s books works too. As a romantic sim, I’ve decided he’s going to write primarily romance novels, which means he has to get up to level 4 first.

Which’ll take a while if Adam doesn’t stop interrupting. He tears up the bookshelf while no one’s paying attention to him, forcing Roman out of his chair.

He shouts at Adam to stop it. Adam begs for attention. Defeated, Roman picks up a toddler book and has him sit down on the couch.

He starts reading the picture book, using his best voices and adding wide, sweeping arm motions.

Adam’s delighted.

3:00, and it’s time for Rosemary to get home from school. She brings home her new friend Max. Rosemary swings her arms as she waits for him to catch up to her, and as soon as he does, she starts telling him a story.

Max’s brows are permanently furrowed, but as she gets to the end of the story, he busts out laughing.

He invites Rosemary to join the Renegades, something she happily accepts. Anything to get her more friends.

Her dad calls her inside, and she waves goodbye to Max. She reveals to Roman that she was given an extra credit assignment, something she may need a little bit of help on. He tells her to get started while he puts Adam down for a nap.

Rosemary stares at the equipment in front of her, hands hesitating. She’s relieved when her dad comes back into the room.

They both look uncertain as they follow the directions, and Rosemary gets distracted while he programs something.

The pair of them work hard to build the final product, and they both take a step back to admire what they’ve built.

Rosemary’s thrilled, but she doesn’t tell her dad what she’s really happy about. Finishing this early means she can head out to the park to meet up with her new club. As soon as they’re done, and as soon as Adam’s cries distract her dad, she heads downstairs. Meanwhile, Irene laid down for a nap as soon as she got home, giving us out very first achievement! Introvert and All Nighter I inevitably get by accident, and this is no exception.

Rosemary asks the other Renegades to meet her at the park in Willow Creek, and the very cool older teens are the first to arrive. She goes right up to them and gives a big hello.

To her surprise, they’re just as friendly back. Something about the Renegades suggests they’d be uneasy customers, but the two teens give her a friendly wave and don’t seem bothered at all by her age.

Max shows up to remind everyone who’s in charge around here.

The park basks in a rosy glow from the setting sun, and Rosemary asks Max if he’ll play a game of chess with her. He’s already focused as they sit down and gets into the match.

Rosemary thanks him again for inviting her out. Secretly, she’s working up to best friend material, but their relationship is still new. She knows better than to push.

Max’s frown is his constant companion, but even after she wins the game of chess, he leaves with a smile on his face. She asks for a hug, and, surprisingly, he gives one.

The sun has set in the small town of Willow Creek, and the baddest boy to ever haunt its streets is squeezing his friend close.

The two of them take a selfie to commemorate their friendship, ending this beautiful day.

1. Meet the Rainards

The Rainards move into their house in Willow Creek. Recently, in new saves, I’ve been deleting the pre-made households to avoid playing the same storylines over and over again, but I left them this time. The generated townies just aren’t as good.

Irene brings in Adam. I’ll admit I started with a full nuclear family to play with the parenting features and give our future heirs the most to work with. I’m playing on normal lifespan as well, even though I find it dreadfully short, but I’ll work with it.

As soon as she puts Adam down, he wanders off. Adam, after all, is a charmer, and is eager to greet the new neighbors when the welcoming committee arrives. Roman walks in to give his wife a kiss on the cheek.

The two of them talk excitedly about their new home. Irene is ready to start her career as a critic, but as long as Adam’s still a toddler, Roman’s staying at home. It looks like the Bestselling Author aspiration doesn’t require actually joining the writing career, but he may anyway in the future. He’s content being at home, working on his craft.

Roman comforts any anxiety Irene has. Anxiety is Irene’s main game. Insecure about her relationship with her husband, desperate to get promoted in her job, and constantly worried about her children, Irene relies pretty heavily on her husband for emotional support.

Roman relieves her tension by reciting poetry.

Irene watches his performance, clearly enraptured.

Meanwhile, Rosemary is chatting with her baby brother. I’d intended a different path for Rosemary, but she’s taken so well to the mischief skill. She teases her brother about his face.

Adam doesn’t take it well. I haven’t successfully managed a sibling rivalry yet, and I think I might push these two towards that.

A glitch keeps me from actually greeting the neighbors, which is a shame. Irene and Eliza Pancakes might get along fairly well. Rosemary’s aspiration is social butterfly, so the family takes a trip to the local park to help her make some friends.

As usual, the kiddos run straight to the playground, but Rosemary stops short as she sees her first potential new friend.

She waves a hand in greeting, and gets stared down for her trouble.

Max Villareal doesn’t look like he wants to make friends. Everyone knows him as leader of the Renegades, the baddest club this side of Windenburg, and his paint splattered jeans and cool jacket suggest a kid not to be trifled with. Rosemary, happily, begins to trifle.

He doesn’t seem to mind having a new play partner. He’s also in the League of Adventurers, so maybe he’s just happy to play.

Irene takes Adam aside to teach him the basics of language. Unlike other toddlers, he doesn’t throw a tantrum once they start.

Roman enjoys a game of chess with another Windenburg native.

Irene does give Adam’s brain time to cool off and goes to check on her other child.

Did I say check on? She lurks beneath the bow of the pirate ship before bursting forth as the terrible, horrible…


Rosemary isn’t very amused by her mother’s antics. She says goodbye to Max and climbs down. It’s been a fairly successful trip to the park. New friends were made, adventures were had. But it’s getting late, and someone has to cook dinner.

That someone is Roman. As the official snob of the house, he’s voted in charge of family meals. Today he’s making a simple Mac’n’cheese, while nursing a headache. While Irene played with Rosemary, he gave some of his attention to Adam, who struggled a little more with his dad.

Irene walks into the kitchen to chat with husband. She enthuses about the park and their new friends, and he snaps at her as he leans down to stir the pasta.

Irene is less than amused.

An argument starts. Roman rolls his eyes as Irene snarks at him. He keeps stirring though. There’s hungry mouths to feed.

Oblivious to what’s going on downstairs, Rosemary is writing in her diary. She hesitates to write. Her emotional problems haven’t started yet, but it’s only a matter of time before the phases start.

Rosemary decides to write about her new friend Max. He seems so cool. He runs his own club and says funny things. She can’t wait to see him again.

Dinner is finally served, and it seems, at least in front of the kids, the argument is settled. Mac’n’cheese looks great, and Roman takes a seat between his two girls.

Rosemary recounts her day to her parents, though they don’t seem to be paying very much attention.

She watches as they chat together. Irene starts her new job tomorrow, and Roman wants to sit down and start writing. Rosemary doesn’t understand everything her parents say, but their excitement gets her excited for her own projects: her art.

Rosemary is an art lover at heart, and while she plans to befriend every person she can, she also wants to get a jump start on that creative skill. But it’s getting late, and Irene tells her to go take a bath while she reads Adam off to sleep. After the kids are off to sleep, she walks downstairs.

She gives Roman a miffed look as she finds him working downstairs. The argument from before is still on her mind, but he closes everything down and stands up to greet her.

He takes her hand in his and apologizes for snapping at her. Irene smiles.

Roman gives her a look, and Irene leans in and suggests they make their way upstairs.

Which sends a note of enthusiasm through them.

Day one is over, and no achievements were achieved, but I’m getting a feel for this family. Like I said, I created Rosemary with one achievement in mind, and now I think she’ll be going for the maxing out mischief before she reaches YA. We’ll see if we can knock some of the small ones out next time.

How to Win at Sims 4

I’ve noticed the Sims has had achievements for a while now, and a few of them you get just by playing the game normal styles pretty easily. I started looking through the full achievements list. Some of them are crazy (a hundred generations, or earn 1,000,000 simoleons) vs the ones that are crazy easy (staying up for 24 hours). This is a self-imposed challenge, with no real rules. I don’t plan to cheat anymore than setting people up in their homes. The full achievement list is here, to be filled in as achievements are achieved. I’ve needed something I could just enjoy playing as well, instead of doing the more story focused blogs I have. I do have story ideas (I think it’s impossible to play the Sims without forming some kind of narrative), but the focus is on the achievements. I’m also starting on one household (I initially wanted to do the full ten but decided to scale back) with the intention of playing it sort of like a legacy.